and you're those places that I wanted to go..

I love rollercoasters.  There is never a time that my mind is more at peace than when it is suspended hundreds of feet above the ground, supported by technology.

When hundreds of people are depending on the job(s) you do at work, and you are not appreciated or respected by the company, it is very aggravating.

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Time for some, free form haiku...

Green petals,
through the Earth emerge-
her plants.

A wave, a smile,
a black tank top.
This frozen memory.

One gray hair, displaced.
You pluck it out by the roots.
Increasing denial.

Silent peek,
the unreachable valley,
proudly displayed.

Oak leaves whisper
after the fading storm.
They apologize for you.

The best advice
always comes from caterpillars.
Pass the hookah.


All the stars are projectors..

Have you seen The Last Temptation of Christ?

If not, you probably should.  If so, wasn't it interesting?

I think the Moon and Antarctica is one of the most underrated cds of all time.

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I wrote a new song?!

Here is my feeble attempt at an anti-war/organized religion song.


It is not finished, there needs to be a third verse, and possibly a bridge, but anyways here are two verses and an outro.

Forgive the horrendous recording quality.

When the wheels ceased to spin and I cased my surroundings, I realized I hadn't gone anywhere

Borat was not as funny as I thought it would be.

Ben Gibbard was just as great as I thought he would be.

Something else that I hate, graduation time. Thankfully it's not mine, but there are so many pointless activities one must partake in, that family and friends are expected to go to, that are a waste of time.

Doing anything for the simple reason that other people do it is the most ludicrous logic one may come up with.
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